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Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que la prochaine session du Ch’ti JUG est prévue le 17 décembre à 18h30 à ADEO, 135 rue Sadi Carnot à Ronchin.

@TheDamfr’s version: « Le ChtiJUG accueille une Rockstar ce soir. Il s’agit ni plus ni moins que de Quentin Adam, le barbu qui prod en faisant `git push`. Il ramène une dose de SWAG (Scala and Whisky Appreciation Group). Et beaucoup de fun. Bref, viens, ca sera bien. On se donnera aussi des conseils pour faire pousser la barbe. »

Pour s’inscrire c’est par ici:

Contrairement aux apparences, la soirée sera bien en Français^^

Keynote: Be a modern developer

The end of server management : hosting have to become a commodity

Industrial revolution of intellectual production : from computer to team agility, how to work more efficient ? 

There is a lot of trending words about hosting and clouds theres years, but just a few focused on the essential : how to make the process and the production of hosting really neat and without problems. We have to focus about industrialization like we did about electricity a century ago : produce stable standard with a high quality of service and availability, and develop the ecosystem of consumer. So, how the PaaS, the cloud and good process will end the server management ?

Conference & Live CodingCreate a real word Akka Stream application using AMQP, Scala and reactive stream and deploy it to the cloud

This talk will show a real world chat massively scalable, using the reactive stream implementation by typesafe; akka stream and scala. Add some database, AMQP, iteratee, Play! to be in a full stack application then deploy it to the cloud using the PaaS Clever Cloud.

La soirée sera animée par Quentin Adam:

Quentin ADAM is the CEO of Clever Cloud : a Platform as a Service company allowing you to run java, scala, ruby, node.js, php, python or go applications, with auto scaling and auto healing features. This position allow him to study lots of applications, code, practice, and extract some talks and advises. Regular speaker at various tech conference, he’s focused to help developers to deliver quickly and happily good applications.

La soirée est sponsorisée par Onyme:

Aussi, nous tenons à remercier les autres sponsors annuels du Ch’ti JUG qui soutiennent notre association:

L’équipe du Ch’ti JUG

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